Personal Mastery Coaching:

Fast track your way to live an incredible, creative and amazing life either 1-on-1 or through my group programs.

We’ll uncover whats holding you back from pursuing your dreams and  learn fresh ways to overcome them.

We’ll dig deep and clear out drama and emotional baggage. It’s an embodiment and mindful process that will

change your perspective on life.

12 weeks of online 1-on-1 Coaching:

Your best life and best self awaits.

Drop me a line at and book a free 30 minute coaching strategy session and

gain clarity on anything you are currently stuck on.

Expect to leave the call feeling invigorated about your life and what is possible for you.



Module 1: Get To The Heart Of Your Deepest Desires + Know your Why

  • Uncover what’s your biggest desire
  • Find out what’s holding you back from achieving it
  • Identify what you might need to let go of in order to fulfill this desire

Module  2: Setting Goals with Soul

  • How to Get What You Want and Get There Fast
  • Why knowing HOW you’ll achieve your goals isn’t actually important
  • Tune into the feelings of your goals

Module 3: Hello monsters

  • Give your inner critic (monsters) a voice
  • How to make friends with your monsters
  • Transform judgement into love


Module 4: Universal Limiting Beliefs

  • How limiting beliefs can hold us back
  • Your unique limiting beliefs
  • Learn the Top 20 limiting beliefs 99.99% of people have

Module 5: Limiting Beliefs erasers

  • How to rewire your limiting beliefs
  • Three clearing techniques to rewire your beliefs immediately
  • Why becoming your own best friend is imperative to success

Module 6: Self-sabotage. No, thank you!

  • Why we self-sabotage e.g. procrastinate, habitual negative patterns, hold onto fear
  • What to do when life feels like it’s getting worse, not better (this CAN happen when you’re moving into a new direction)
  • How to get out of your own way


Module 7: Visioning

  • Why seeing your goals in visual form is necessary for success
  • Top 3 visualization techniques to materialize your goals
  • Vision Boarding

Module 8: The Universe has your back

  • Learn why the Universe wants you to succeed
  • How to trust the flow of life and become a magnet to opportunity
  • How to identify when you are on the wrong path and ways to effortlessly redirect course
  • Discover the top 10 tools successful people use to be lucky (yes, it’s teachable!)

Module 9: Permission Slip

  • Why you need to give yourself permission to receive
  • Learn how to be a good receiver
  • How to invite ease and grace and abundance into your life
  • How to be lucky on autopilot



  • 9 x 90 minute live, interactive coaching calls
  • Recordings of all calls
  • 1 x 3 mindful meditations audio (released after every 3 sessions)
  • Weekly homework assignments
  • Private FB group to share learnings and receive support



Maximum 10 people per class (NEXT COURSE TBC)

Are you ready for people to ask you: ‘What’s changed and why are you so lucky’? 

Book your taster session here and find out if you’ll be a great fit for the program.


Your best self awaits


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