I am privileged to have shared in your innermost 

                                                       desires and witness your best self unfolding.



The leadership course with Madineyah at Yale University was truly an experience of self-discovery. The class and the learned content brought my mind in order and showed myself what I’m capable of and the required steps I need to take to get there. 

Adrián Reyes, University Student, El Salvador


After working with Madineyah, I have a better sense of how to move forward on my goals and feel less weighed down by things that were holding me back. Madineyah is a careful and intuitive listener who gently asks the right questions to inspire introspection that can be put into action. Her calming presence and beautiful spirit put me right at ease. I encourage anyone to benefit from her coaching!

Molly Gillin, Marketing and Communications Specialist, New York City


I did life-coaching sessions with Madineyah and found them incredibly useful in my day-to-day life. She supported me in uncovering my stale beliefs about money and gave me practical tools on how to let go and focus on new ways of seeing wealth. I felt safe sharing with her and enjoyed her mixed approach. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to take that step-up in their personal or professional lives.

Bianca Ljungberg, Pilates Studio owner, Antibes


Our sessions brought me to a deeper understanding and awareness of myself and the dynamics at play in my life. I really love the Tapping/EFT methods that Madineyah taught me and I continue to use them to great effect.

Sonia Esgueira, Actress, Cape Town


I can best describe Madineyah by saying how I met her: at sunrise on a hot air balloon over Turkey’s fabled skies of Cappadocia. It was her warm smile that drew us – my children and myself – towards her. By the end of our laughter-filled balloon ride, we exchanged names and addresses but I didn’t think we’d see her again. She, after all, lived in South Africa; we in Boston. Yet life did bring her to the States and since then our friendship which began on a hot air balloon has been growing.

Madineyah has an old soul, the kind that’s rare and wise. She builds her friendships on sincerity and genuine affection. Though I am much older than her in years, I find that she is guided by an inner grounding that far exceeds my age.

Madineyah introduced me to meditation. I had been cynical and wary about meditation until I listened to her and learned about its healing powers. I am grateful that she guided my discovery of it.

Dr. Mitra Shavarini, Brandeis University Professor, Boston


Madineyah’s warmth, presence, understanding and humility are rare treasures that have been  harnessed and cultivated into inspiring, empowering and profound work through uplifting and coaching others.  May her gentle wisdom move through you and remind you of your own exquisite power. She is a precious and rare human being.

Ilana Wetzler, Transformational Leader, Berlin


I met Madineyah through a week-long, residential leadership course conducted in the UK, in early 2016. She was the transformational leadership coach for our group of six.

She was able to create a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing space in which we were encouraged to share and to also learn from each other’s sharing. Not only did she make us feel valued, but she also encouraged us to mindfully reflect on events and explore the infinite potential that all of us have to create powerful and lasting change – both within ourselves and the world around us.

She was always very honest and sincere about sharing her own story, and helping us to understand the connection between the team tasks we did as a group and the real life challenges that we will face as leaders.

She’s an attentive listener, with a knack for asking those all important ‘tough love’ questions (and subtly infecting us with her love of laughter!).

Madineyah has a very compassionate and loving energy about her, which is very evident from the way she coaches and the example she sets of being and living LIGHT everyday.

Leona Sinclair,  Storyteller and freelance writer, London


Sometimes in life you are handed a curve ball. Madineyah guided me through many a turn that felt daunting to me. I gained clarity and hope by meeting with her. Turning to non traditional methods changed my perspective on recovery.

Suzanna Cameron, Artisan Flower-store owner, Brooklyn


She makes you discover your inner potential. It was very inspiring to be coached by her. With her support, my self confidence increased and I started to trust myself.

Ipek Tüysüzoğlu, University Student, Istanbul


It was an absolute privilege to be coached by Madineyah at a week-long leadership and personal development retreat and find my inner peace and balance through her compassionate guidance practicing mindfulness.

Her profound wisdom and understanding of people accompanied by her presence, dedication, humbleness, kindness and empathy creates the space to meet you where you are and gently assist you to get on the right track to fully realize your goals.

She unreservedly shared her knowledge and tools and enabled me to gain greater clarity and further develop my awareness on my soul-searching journey.

Madineyah is a coach that empowers, inspires and elevates the inner potential in people and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Dimitar Dimitrovski, Program Director, Skopje


I really enjoyed being in the Leadership course at Yale University. I enjoyed the activities that took place in the class because they gave me the ability to have closer relationships with my new friends and to expand my knowledge on how to be a good leader. I want to thank Madineyah for being my teacher over these last few weeks because she was truly inspirational and amazing, even with the short time (3 weeks) we had, she truly impacted my life, and allowed me to feel included. 

Brice Berger, University Student, North Carolina


Madineyah is just one of those magical people, and I am grateful to know her and work with her. She is a great mix of fun, grounded and she’s really easy to relate to.

She did some volunteer work with a young teenage pro bono client of mine who has been through a lot of trauma and is alone here without parental support. She helped him focus, relax and learn valuable tools he can come back to at any time.

Madineyah is gifted in her ability to meet people where they are and help them connect with their own voice and vision. If you’re considering taking some time to focus on yourself and your goals, I highly recommend Madineyah as your coach.

Rebecca Sosa, Immigration Lawyer, New York City

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