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I’m Madineyah Isaacs, a Life Transformation Coach and Teacher with a deep love of life and people.

I know that you value it too and that’s how you found your way to my spiritual playground.

My intention is that this be a place of expansion, inspiration and unearthing of truths with smatterings of silliness so that you can live your best life possible.



                I’m at the junction of mindfulness

                                 and playfulness.


 Sea Point - Cape Town

I was born and raised in one of the top travel destinations in the world, Cape Town, South Africa.

A few years back I fell in love with an American boy and now bustling New York City is home.

I still feel like I’m on a movie set a lot of the time – Central Park, yellow cabs, old school diners. Yes, please!

                                                 Living the dream.




In 2008 I was living the dream as a radio presenter at one of the hottest commercial

stations in Cape Town. I came to the shocking realization that my dream job was unfulfilling


embarked on a week long, life-transforming retreat.

I journeyed to the depths of my soul and re-discovered my innate nature.

I felt alive again. In my voracious appetite for more of this feeling, I searched

the world, literally and figuratively to quench my thirst for learning more about this work.



                                  I journeyed inward.

                                  I journeyed outward.




  Soon radio was a thing of the past and I became certified as a coach and a facilitator. I’ve held space

 in the most varied of places, from breathtaking retreat spaces in the English countryside, majestic Tuscan villas in Italy, to the beautiful campus of Yale University to in-store workshops with Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

I spent six months in Qatar, in the Middle East working with over 15 Nationalities.

My global perspective coupled with eight years of experience in live radio and working one-on-one with

over 75 Nationalities collectively has made me highly resilient and adaptable.



We are more alike than we are different.





   I am deeply committed to my growth and cutting-edge  methodologies that I’m continually learning,

developing  and implementing these tools. So that I can bring forth my best and help my clients overcome

their blocks, get unstuck, gain clarity  and confidence on their next steps and be their best selves.

I’m a total nerd for this work. It makes me so happy.


                      “I have no special talent.

                       I am only passionately curious”

                                                                                                    Albert Einstein


It has been said that the best coaches are the ones who

are naturally curious, don’t have things all figured out but are committed to

 growth and learning from their mistakes.

Ask anyone who knows me, I am fiercely curious and first to say when I

messed up. And then naturally look for a solution.

I’m here to learn alongside you and together live the best life possible.

I am so passionate to see you become the best version of yourself!

It will be an honor to guide you and hold space for you to bloom into the person you know you can be.

And I know you can be.

The best is yet to come for you, I so believe it.

Do you?


Professional Bio                                                            Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.11.29 AM

Madineyah Isaacs is a New York City based, Life Transformation Coach and Teacher.

She helps ambitious yet overwhelmed people take back control of their lives.

She expertly and quickly helps people get unstuck, gain clarity and confidence while adding more meaning to their lives.

Her career spans 13 years and includes coaching in groups and one-on-one from Italy to London to further afield in the Middle East. Thus far, she has personally worked with people from over 75 Nationalities.

A highlight of her career is working with H.E. His Excellency, Al Otaiba and his family from the Abu Dhabi Royal Family.

Prior to her bold career move, she was a radio presenter and producer at one of the premier radio stations in Cape Town, South Africa, with a weekly listenership of over 500 000 people. 

Her global perspective coupled with live radio experience makes her highly resilient and adaptable and  easily connects with people.

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